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How to Share Funnels in GrooveFunnels

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Sharing Funnels and Websites in GrooveFunnels

What is Sharing a Funnel?

Share funnels are now available in GrooveFunnels and you no longer have to import or export HTML files to clone your funnels. Even in your free GrooveFunnels account, you can share funnels. If you haven’t got your free GrooveFunnels account, you know what to do.

Quick Tutorial on How to Share Funnels

In order to share funnels, you need to log into GroovePages. Head to the site that you want to share then click on this hamburger icon. Click on share site then you’ll need to click on add and then it will generate a link for you

so you would copy that. This is the link that you will share with other Groove members.

Now if someone isn’t signed up to GrooveFunnels yet, it will redirect them to the sign-up page. The good news is that your affiliate link is embedded in the share funnels link so if someone signs up to their free GrooveFunnels account and clones your funnel, you will receive credit for that. When GrooveFunnel switches over to the monthly plan, you will receive an affiliate commission for this.

When you have your GrooveFunnels open, it automatically loads a copy of the funnels in GroovePages. Click on the three buttons and click edit.

There are a few things you will notice when testing out the share funnels. Head over to pages and then click on the three dots for each page. Click on edit settings and change the page name, page title, meta keywords, and description to suit your funnel. Then click on the check icon and then close out of it.

Changing the Site Settings

If you want to change the site settings, head to the hamburger icon. Click on “Site settings” and change your

business or website name. Change the favicon because it will preload any favicon. Under “Code includes”,  make sure you have your own Google Tag Manager or your own Google Analytics code as well as the open graph image and the title.  Make sure that’s all changed to your website.

Click on the check icon and exit out of that. Now, go ahead and make your changes here. Swap out your opt-in form and then click on publish. On your domain, enter your custom domain URL and then click on publish.

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Business, Groove Digital

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