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Imperfect Action Challenge – Module #1 – Introduction & Structure



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Are you just starting out on your online business journey? You don’t know what to do and how to do it, but you need to make money ASAP?

Join the GrooveFunnels Imperfect Action Challenge where we will go through step by step how to get a full online business system up and running using the GrooveFunnels suite of tools.

Even if: – you only have the free version of GrooveFunnels – you don’t know how to use GrooveFunnels yet – you don’t have a product yet – you are at the beginning of your online business journey In this Module #1 we will go over what we will be doing within the next couple of weeks, what we will be building and how.

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0:00​ – INTRO

7:45​ – It’s time to TAKE ACTION

12:30​ – What you DON’T NEED

20:12​ – AGENDA (What to do)

29:21​ – Step #1: Go over to this page –

57:26​ – Step #2: Find and explore the products (matching your interest)

58:53​ – Step #3: Download the product and review the assets

59:18​ – Step #4: Make a structure of how it will look like (on paper or software)

1:00:00​ – Creating Funnel Structures

1:11:03​ – Funnel Templates (Opt-in)

1:11:45​ – Building out the Funnel Structure

1:30:33​ – Explaining the Funnel Structure (White Board Illustration)

1:38:24​ – Step #5: Prepare for the Build

1:40:04​ – Setting up the Pages in GroovePages (using templates)

1:43:00​ – Setting up the Sales Page and Thank You Page

1:52:38​ – Step #6: Take the MODULE 1 and DO these steps

1:56:28​ – Q&A Time

1:56:38​ – Do I set-up the product page in GroovePages?

1:56:54​ – Do I have to use a product from IDPLR or can I make my own?

1:57:57​ – Do I set up the opt-in page in GrooveFunnels?

1:58:09​ – Will you be showing us how to drive traffic to our funnel as well?

2:00:13​ – What is the ideal way of getting opt-ins?

2:01:30​ – How do I connect my GrooveSell page to my funnel? Can I use the PLR product as bonuses to promote GrooveFunnels?

2:02:56​ – Is the price already added in the product?

2:03:19​ – What is the difference between pages and funnels?

2:09:56​ – Can I add Facebook pixels to these funnels?

2:10:00​ – OUTRO

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