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Imperfect Action Challenge – Module #2 – Funnel design in GroovePages

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Imperfect Action Challenge – Module #2 – Funnel design in GroovePages

Are you just starting out on your online business journey? You don’t know what to do and how to do it, but you need to make money ASAP?

Join the GrooveFunnels Imperfect Action Challenge where we will go through step by step how to get a full online business system up and running using the GrooveFunnels suite of tools.

Even if: – you only have the free version of GrooveFunnels – you don’t know how to use GrooveFunnels yet – you don’t have a product yet – you are at the beginning of your online business journey

In this Module #2 we will go over step-by-step how to design your funnel for the product you chose to go with during Module #1.

(If you haven’t seen it make sure you go and do that first in order to be able to continue –​)

To go through this Challenge you will need a GrooveFunnels account. Don’t have an account yet? **Sign up now on here**


0:00​ – INTRO

3:17​ – Module #2: Funnel Design in GroovePages

7:31​ – Recap of the Challenge and Agenda

15:50​ – Step #1: Going over the Funnel Map

24:09​ – Step #2: find the provided page designs from the product bundle + Organization

25:11​ – Step #3: Analyze the Designs (Design Hacking)

33:46​ – Step #4: Get into creating your pages using GroovePages

33:56​ – Making the Opt-in Page (Guided Build)

51:11​ – Making the Sales Page 1 (Guided Build)

1:49:34​ – Mobile Responsiveness

1:50:56​ – Continuing with the Build of Sales Page 1

2:24:49​ – Step #5: Making the Legal Pages

2:40:43​ – Step #6: Take the MODULE #2 and DO these steps

2:40:50​ – Making the Upsell Page

2:50:12​ – Making the Thank you Page

3:01:12​ – Making Mock-ups (eBook cover)

3:10:45​ – Q&A Time

3:11:06​ – If I create an upsell page after order page, do I have to create another order page to process payment for the upsell product?

3:11:36​ – It sounds like each product needs several pages, what does this mean for the free users

3:12:44​ – How to bring images into the library?

3:13:36​ – When I design a new block, can I save it as a design element?

3:15:27​ – How to link a video?

3:17:19​ – Should I redesign/recreate the video as well or use the one provided by the IDPLR?

3:19:09​ – Where would I place a personal logo so it’s not competing?

3:21:12​ – Where did the Groove images come from?

3:21:26​ – What resource did you use to create the book cover mock-up?

3:25:56​ – Does Groove accept all forms of payment that the CTA button image includes?

3:26:39​ – Can I use this process to upsell to other products?

3:27:40​ – OUTRO

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Business, Groove Digital

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