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Imperfect Action Challenge – Module #4 – Product Fulfillment

Business, Groove Digital

Are you just starting out on your online business journey?

You don’t know what to do and how to do it, but you need to make money ASAP?

Join the GrooveFunnels Imperfect Action Challenge, where we will go through step by step how to get a full online business system up and running using the GrooveFunnels suite of tools. Even if:

– you only have the free version of GrooveFunnels

– you don’t know how to use GrooveFunnels yet

– you don’t have a product yet

– you are at the beginning of your online business journey

In this Module #4, we will go over the steps of preparing the products and uploading them online so we can deliver them to the customers that purchase. We will dive in to GrooveMember in order to set up a membership are where we will set up the access to the product and also offer an opportunity to upgrade to those that didn’t take the upgrade yet.

(If you haven’t seen the previous modules yet – make sure you go and do that first in order to be able to continue –

Replay of Module #1 –

Replay of Module #2 –

Replay of Module #3 –​ )

To go through this Challenge you will need a GrooveFunnels account. Don’t have an account yet?

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0:00​ – INTRO

5:50​ – Recap of the Challenge

7:04​ – AGENDA

14:34​ – Step #1: Preparing (editing) our Products and Uploading them Online

29:54​ – Step #2: Explaining the Fulfillment the Options

30:06​ – Step #3: Setting up the Thank You Page Fulfillment

39:49​ – Linking the product links to the Thank You Page

56:17​ – Step #4: Setting up the Email Fulfillment

1:01:10​ – Adding the Sender

1:08:32​ – Creating a List and Tags

1:20:31​ – Creating a Sequence

1:44:14​ – Setting up Automations

1:49:15​ – Step #5: Setting-up the Membership Fulfillment

1:54:03​ – Setting up the Sub-domain

1:57:06​ – Making the Home Page

1:59:08​ – Categories or Access Levels

2:07:51​ – Upgrade Options

2:17:30​ – Links and Resources

2:25:50​ – Editing the Membership Access Levels

2:29:25​ – Sending Welcome Emails

2:30:40​ – Setting up Fulfillment in GrooveSell

2:36:26​ – Preparing for Affiliate Promotion

2:38:34​ – Take the MODULE #4 and DO these Steps

2:41:39​ – Q&A Time

2:43:03​ – Is the email editor in GrooveMail going to be improved?

2:44:35​ – Should the upsell page be created as a page or as a page in the funnel?

2:46:22​ – How to set-up my page view similar on every device?

2:48:22​ – How to fix issues in posting the funnel link to Facebook?

2:48:43​ – Do I still need to use outfits like Aweber?

2:49:30​ – Can someone share the thank you page with product access to others who did not register with you?

2:51:44​ – Will GrooveDigital eventually host videos and digital products?

2:53:56​ – Where should I place “No Follow” on the pages?

2:58:18​ – OUTRO

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Business, Groove Digital

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