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THE Recession-Proof Business

Booker Launch



Nerd Wallet, Zen Business, and Tony Robbins all say that bookkeeping is the most recession-proof business around.

Duh! I’ve know this for 24 years. Having gone through 3 recessions during my tenure, I not only survived each dip in the economy; I THRIVED!

Now is the time to get off the fence. The life we desire won’t magically happen. No one else will give it to you. It’s up to us to CLAIM it.

If you know bookkeeping is for you, then you must act now…

Announcing: Save 50% off the regular price of Bookkeeper Launch Pro & Premier.

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Look, Bookkeeping is the most stable, dependable and reliable profession. You see, every business, in good times and bad, is required by law to do bookkeeping.

I encourage you to act now.


Because, the future we desire is only possible when we act. With this special 50% savings, now is the perfect time.

Listen, this deal is only good through July 7th. After that, it goes back to regular price.

IMPORTANT: Use promo code JULY4FIFTYOFF at checkout to save.

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All my best,

Ben Robinson


P.S. Save 50% off Bookkeeper Launch through July 7th. Go here to enroll today. IMPORTANT: Use promo code JULY4FIFTYOFF at checkout to save.

This does not apply to the Team Edition.

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