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Why You Should Have a Digital Bookkeeping Business

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Discovery The Reason Why You Should Have a Bookkeeping Business


Bill Robinson, founder of is giving an introduction about what a Bookkeeping business is and WHY you should start one right NOW!

First of all, congratulate you for making it to this discovery series all about starting your very own digital bookkeeping business!

Most people, they have never ever acted, they just sit back and let life happen to them but not you. You’re taking action, you’re at least looking at the possibility of creating your own digital bookkeeping business to creating wealth for you and your family to building a life of freedom and that’s why exactly congratulations are in order.

A digital bookkeeping business is the very best business, why? Because it’s a very less best freelance opportunity or even a side hustle, ever created.

Here are reasons why!!! 

Of course Ben’s opinion might be biased. But I think that you’ll agree once we talk about the reasons why that is the very best business model that’s out there.

First is Demand

Now, here’s the reason why Ben can say that reason number one. First is demand. You see every single business in the world is required by law. To keep bookkeeping records, every single one of them has to have a bookkeeper. Now it may be themselves acting as the bookkeeper, their spouse, but most of them hire this out to other professionals. So think about this. This has built-in demand every single business out there knows what bookkeeping is, knows that they’re required by law to have this done, and really doesn’t want to do it themselves. And this is great for you, because it gives us built-in demand.

Second Reason is Supply

Now the second reason is supply. And what Ben means by supply is the supply of qualified 21st century bookkeeping professionals!

In this discovery series, you’ll learn exactly what it means by that phrase 21st century bookkeeping professionals.

But here’s the short version of it. Most bookkeepers are old school. Bookkeeping has evolved over the last 10 years and that’s a wonderful thing for the person who can capitalise on it.

And the great thing is that it’s not that difficult. If you’re not set in those ways, if you don’t refuse to grow and adapt and become a 21st century bookkeeping professional.

The great thing about that is that you have a much happier client and you make a lot more money and you do a higher level work and don’t have to do data entry.


Third Reason is Money

So the supply of 21st century bookkeeping professionals is low. Now when we have high demand and low supply, what do we get is GOOD MONEY!

Did you know that QuickBooks says that the average hourly rate of a bookkeeping professional is $64 per hour? And this is a study from a couple of years ago, okay. And that’s somebody with no certifications, other than just saying that they’re a bookkeeping professional on $64 an hour rate.

Now, of course, this is no guarantee that you would generate that or anybody else would, but when we have that built in demand, and when we have a low supply that gives us the opportunity to make really good money and it only goes up from there. Now add to these three reasons.

This is why I’m explaining that this is the perfect business model. The fact that both entrepreneur and Inc magazine’s rank bookkeeping as the number one number one most profitable business on the planet, and that this business can be up and running in 90 days with low low costs.


Okay, because most businesses, most other types of businesses require months if not years to get them started. And then they require months, if not years, to become profitable, and that’s not what you want. You want to be up and going.

That’s why Ben tells you this is the perfect business model. But what he wants you to do is to peruse this page, this discovery series to find more what Ben can offer.

In this discovery series, Ben wants you to answer all of your questions about starting a digital bookkeeping business. This is very important. You’re very wise to be doing your homework. So on this page, you’re gonna find answers to your burning questions about a digital bookkeeping business. Ben has answered all of them here for you on this page.

Now, what about if you already know that the digital bookkeeping business is right for you? Because Ben has a certain segment of people that come here and say, ‘I just want to do it, I want to do it now!!!’

Well, if that’s you, then you can click the button that’s right here, and you can find out everything about our flagship programme. bookkeeper launch, this system has helped more than 10,000 other women and men just like you to start their own digital bookkeeping business.

It cuts through all the fat, it helps you to avoid the costly mistakes. No more wasting your time, please go into all the details here. But if you want to get access to that right now and find out all the information, click here NOW. Otherwise, let’s see you in other videos on this discovery series about starting your very own digital bookkeeping business!

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